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Hi There.

I am a Seattle based fine art landscape and nature photographer. After spending my early twenties touring around the country in punk rock bands [link 1] [link 2], I discovered a passion in photography that has helped me slow down and enjoy the everyday beauty in my surroundings. While I still prefer music at over 240 BPM, you could say that landscape photography has taught me to "stop and smell the roses," except that I am allergic. 

My work aims to go beyond the limitations of single exposure photography by compositing images of a scene taken at different parts of the day to create landscapes that blend the passage of time. This process was borne out of a desire to produce an image that captures both the dramatic light cascading across the foreground at golden hour and a fiery sky at dusk – two moments that do not occur simultaneously. While the mind recalls a sunset as a series of events combined into a single moment of time, it is impossible to recreate this image with a single click of the shutter. The goal in using this technique of compositing time is to commit such a mental picture to print.

The process begins out in the field by taking multiple images of a single composition for up to six hours to record changes in the light, shadows, and sky. In-camera techniques are also used to fine tune elements of the scene such as the smoothness of water or intensity of reflections. When post processing, parts of each image are meticulously blended together incorporate the best elements of the scene on that day while maintaining a seamless, natural aesthetic - a process that often involves 30+ images and hours upon hours of compositing and fine tuning for every print created.