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Hi There.

I am a registered professional mechanical engineer by day and landscape photographer by night. I reside in Seattle and specialize in landscape photography and sustainable energy systems for K-12 public schools. 

After spending my early twenties as a touring musician in the hardcore and metal scene [link 1] [link 2], photography has helped me slow down and enjoy the everyday beauty in my surroundings. You could say that landscape photography has taught me to "stop and smell the roses," except that I am allergic (and still can’t listen to anything slower than 240 BPM). 

My work aims to capture the passage of time into a single photograph by meticulously compositing multiple images of a scene taken over a period of hours. An individual recalling their last sunset may remember the warm light cascading across the landscape and the rich colors rendered in the clouds, but they may not remember that each feature occurred at separate times of the day. While the human brain can interpret such an event as a single moment, it is so difficult to recreate this with a single click of the shutter. My goal is to commit such a mental picture to print.