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Hi There.

I am landscape and nature fine art photographer with a side job as a registered professional mechanical engineer. I reside in Seattle and specialize in landscape photography, graphic design, and sustainable energy systems for K-12 public schools. 

After spending my early twenties touring around the country in punk rock bands [link 1] [link 2], photography has helped me slow down and enjoy the everyday beauty in my surroundings. While I still can’t listen to anything slower than 240 BPM, you could say that landscape photography has taught me to "stop and smell the roses," except that I am allergic. 

My work aims to go beyond the limitations of single exposure photography by compositing images of a scene taken at different times of the day, creating landscapes that blend the passage of time. 

For instance, visualizing a sunset may invoke an image of warm light cascading across the foreground, the sun kissing the horizon, and a dramatic sky full of color, but all of these occur at different times of the day. While the mind's eye sees the sunset as a series of events combined into a single moment in time, it is impossible to recreate this image with a single click of the shutter. My goal in using this compositing technique is to commit such a mental picture to print.